rice parboiled rice paddy அரிசி உணவு

5th JAN 09: RICE Parboiled Rice Paddy (raw rice) which is boiled and grinded is called par boiled rice. Par boiled rice has more nutrients as the skin is not completely removed. Parboiled rice has more fiber and less carbohydrate.White Rice Paddy which has been completely processed and its entire skin removed is called white rice. Sticky Rice/Glutinous Rice Sticky rice can be eaten in a healthy way by steaming or boiling the rice. Then add grated coconut and brown sugar. Diabetic patients can omit sugar when preparing this dish. Champa Rice This rice is difficult to obtain in Malaysia and it has many medicinal values. ��Aval�� (Beaten Rice/Poha) ��Aval�� can be prepared the same way as sticky rice described above. ��Aval�� is very easy and fast to prepare and can be eaten during breakfast or as a snack. Rice flour Consuming too much food made from rice flour can lead to Diabetes. Therefore it is advisable to avoid eating too much food made from rice flour.

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