rose ரோசாப்பூ

11th FEB 09: ROSE FLOWERRoses which are grown at home ground are best to consume and it has more medicinal values compared to roses which are specially cultivated in the farms. This is because specially cultivated flowers are grown with the help of chemicals. Soak rose petals in honey and add palm sugar, blend it into a thick paste or leyham. By eating 1 tablespoon of rose leyham (legiyam) everyday, will help make the heart stronger. You have to teach your children to eat rose petals as it rich with nutrients and minerals. Rose petals can be used as garnish when preparing fruit or vegetable salad. In aromatherapy, rose petals are soaked in water and used for bathing. HOW TO PREPARE ROSE WATER (Paneer) 4.5 liters of water 1.5 kilo’s of rose petals Boil for at least ½ to 1 hour and the boiled liquid should be obtained through distillation process. You can include Rose Water while cooking ��Kesari��or ��Beriyani��. Rose water can also be used as body perfume.

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