Some Tamil families still practices giving their young children a tablespoon of castor oil once a month to help clear and flush dirt out from their body system.By drinking the oil, worms will be killed and toxins will be flushed out.
The flushing of waste and toxins from the body will help clean the child’s stomach, increases digestion. The child will also be free from any sickness and diseases.
When worms start to live in a child’s stomach/intestines, it will absorb all nutrients. Gas will start to develop in the stomach causing gastric and increases acidity in the body. To cure this problem naturally, you need to clear or prevent the worms from living or growing in the stomach.
Senna leaves are natural remedy, effective in removing body waste from the body. Boil the leaves and consume the water to help loosen the stools and ease bowel motion. If waste is not removed for a period of time, it will get stuck in the colon which can cause colon cancer. To prevent this, you need to remove the waste through bowel motion everyday.
Make sure you and your child opt for this natural treatment and consume the boiled senna leaves once a week or once a month to remove any dirt from the body through bowel motion.

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