Siddha medicine

13th FEB 09: SIDDHA MEDICINE Siddha Medicine is founded by ancient Siddha’s. Paati Vaithiyam, Nattu Vaithiyam�, Muligai Vaithiyam is different from one another and cannot be associated with Siddha Medicine. Siddha Medicines are done using various herbs and vegetables found in the deep forest and these herbs have many medicinal values. Siddhis used to write the cures and ways of treatment in palm leaves using nails. These teachings and prescription written on palm leaves, when followed and treated to man kind is called Sidhha Medicine. When you buy spices/vegetables, you need to know how long the stocks will last. If you keep an ingredient too long, it can cause insect infection. Therefore when buying species, make sure you clean, dry under the sun, dry fry and powder it to last longer

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