snake plant marul

Snake plants grow in dry areas and do not need much water to grow. This plant only requires sun light and moisture from the wind to live. The leaves are generally used for medicinal purposes.
In Indian Traditional Medicine,the juice is normally squeezed out by heating the leaves under a flame. The extracted juice is poured into the ears to treat ear related problems.The juice has the properties to flush out dirty water and excess phlegm from the ears.Do this continuously for 3 days, at least 2to 3 times a day to notice the amazing results.
For children who are suffering from cough and cold, heat the juice before consuming.It works wonderfully in curing cough and cold. This plant also bears fruit and is used to prepare leyham to treat piles patients. Individuals who are suffering from piles due to excess heat in the body are advised to eat leyham made by snake plant fruit.This is because the fruit is a cooling food and piles patients are required to eat cooling food

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