Suitable food for babies


A new born baby should be given mother’s milk continuously for 6 months. After 6 months, you can slowly introduce various type of food. Some mothers may get confused on determining the right type of food to be given to their baby. After the 6th month, it is important to give the right type of food to your baby as this is the period to cultivate healthy eating habits. If wrong foods are given, the baby will have various types of health problem when they grow up.

To determine whether the baby is healthy is by checking the baby’s weight. If a new born baby is 3 kg, the infant should be double the weight when he/she is 6 months old. Do not feed your baby with “nestum” or any other type of solid food before reaching 6 months as it can cause allergy and stomach problems. Check with your paediatrician on when to start giving solid food to your baby. After the 6th month,

a) make sure the food is prepared in a healthy and clean way. This is because the baby’s immune system is low and can be affected if the food is not clean or cooked in an unhealthy way.

b) do not feed your baby with nuts and egg whites. These types of food should be avoided to babies who are below one year.

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