Babies who are between 6 to 8 months old should be given blended food.
Babies between 8- 10 months should be given mashed and babies from 10 months onwards can be given solid food. However the solid food should be cut into small tiny pieces.

Feed and introduce various types of vegetable to your baby and do not feed your child with vegetables according to your preference. Also it is not advisable to mention to your child that you dislike certain vegetables as it can influence your baby.

Babies at this stage will start to grip things. It is good practise if you can have them hold their food when eating, i.e. biscuits or boiled carrots. Make sure you supervise them during this period as they might get choked while eating.

Do not use salt when cooking baby’s food. Types of food that are suitable to be eaten are fruits, vegetables, protein foods and legumes. Always remember, the types of food given during this period determine their health in future.

Do not feed your baby with peanuts and egg white. Any types of soft bread can be given between meals.

By feeding your baby with various types of fruits, vegetables and protein food will enable him/her to absorb the vital nutrients needed for their development process

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