As previously mentioned, food should be blended when given to babies who are between 8 to 10 months old. Babies who are 8 months and above should be given mashed food.

Egg white should not be fed to babies who are below one year old. You can feed your baby egg yolk but not egg white. Boil the egg and remove the egg white.
Mash the egg yolk with a fork and feed your child.

Babies at this stage are very active. Do not run after them while feeding them with food. It is a good practise if you can make them sit stagnant in a place when feeding them as it will help develop healthy eating habits.

It is also a good practise if parents to have their meals together with their child as it will set a good example in their child’s mind.

Feed your baby according to time.

Besides egg yolk, you can also feed your baby with chicken and fish. Steam and mash chicken or fish before feeding your baby. Do not mash rice, vegetable and meat together. Mash and feed the different items separately. If you were to combine the foods together, the baby will not be able to identify the individual taste of each food.

Avoid using sugar, salt and oil when preparing food for your baby

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