sundakai vathal

23rd JULY 09:DRIED PEA AUBERGINES ( sundakai vathal)
Pea aubergine is rich in vitamin C and calcium. Slightly dry the pea aubergines and soak in buttermilk “mooru” and salt. Dry the soaked pea aubergines again under the sun for a few days until it is completely dried. InTamil the dried pea aubergines are called sundakai vathal.
The dried pea aubergines can also be bought in any Indian grocery shops and very tasty to be made as “Vathal Kulambu”.
Dried aubergines are effective in curing stomach bloatness. Most men have big stomach due to stomach bloatness. When this happens, the lungs and heart will be pressed down. They will not be able to breathe properly and the heart will not be able to pump blood effectively.Dried aubergine cures piles related problems and helps releases stomach gas.
To release excess stomach gas, grind dried curry leaves, dried pea aubergines and ajwain (omam) into powder form. Every time you suffer from gas problems, take 1 tablespoon of the powder, mix with ghee and rice and consume as your first course during your meal. This will prevent gastric formation and helps release the gas from the body.

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