sweet beverage

Children love to drink sweet beverages. Instead of buying cordials from supermarkets which has high sugar content and chemicals, try making your own sweet beverages at home.
a) Boil Pandan leaves with sugar until it turns into thick syrup. Bottle it This beverage cools the body and helps burn fat.
b) Extract one glass of ginger juice. Keep aside for at least 20 minutes. A layer of residue will form at the bottom of the glass. Take the clear juice only and boil with honey.
c) Boil mango flesh until it melts. Strain and extract the juice. Mix with sugar and bottle it.
All the above beverages are very cooling and are thirst quenching drinks. You can even juice mint, cucumber and other cooling vegetables. Unlike the above said beverages, mint, cucumber and other vegetable juices cannot be kept for a long time It has to be consumed immediately.
You can also consume basil seeds (biji selasih) and add it in any sweet beverages. The seeds are very cooling and should be eaten regularly. You can even add the seeds in coconut water to give more cooling effect to the body.

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