Sweet flag

23rd JUNE 09: SWEET FLAG ( vasambu)
Sweet Flag plant requires wet soil to grow. Sweet Flag is effective to treat gassiness and stomach aches in infants. Burn the root until it blackens. Crush or pound the burnt root into powder form and mix with castor or coconut oil. Apply on infant’s stomach.
If your child is suffering from diarrhoea, prescribe them a small amount of burnt sweet flag. It provides a temporary relief before consulting a doctor. As for adults, mix 1 tablespoon of honey with the burnt sweet flag. Purging will also stop.
Pound sweet flag into powder form and boil with milk and consume. Sweet flag is effective in improving memory power. In Indian Tradition, Sweet flag is tied around an infant’s wrist on the 16th day as it is believed that the smell will help build good memory power. By giving a minute paste of sweet flag to the infant will also help build good digestion system

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