This plant is a thorny creeper that bears small sized fruits and effective in balancing the function of tridosha i.e. vata, pitta and kappa. The leaves are also effective in neutralizing the excess heat and gas trapped or formed in the womb.

Take 7 leaves and 7 black peppers. Pound or grind the leaves and peppers together into a thick paste. Shape the paste into small round balls and consume daily for 3 days. Stomach pain caused by extreme heat and excessive gas will disappear.

The leaves are best to be used to prepare “rasam”. Pound the leaves and other dried spices in mortar and boil. “Thuthuvalai Rasam” is good in balancing the body tridosha system.

Siddha’s of yore have declared Thuthuvalai leaves as a kaya kalpam (long life elixir). The leaves have the medicinal values of
a) producing blood,
b) increasing blood flow and
c) prevent blood thickening which causes many types of sickness

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