ASTHMA: First you must consider the person’s age .If infants or under 4 years old start of by just giving KANNAI ENNAI. This medicine is very good in loosening the flu .People might bring the patient’s, after giving a lot of cough mixtures. This instead of giving relieve to asthma hardens the phlegm and the patient finds more difficulty in breathing. KANNAI ENNAI cools the body. It loosens the bowels. You may discover that after constipation, asthma attacks will be more for the patients.

Furthermore we recommend NEERKORVAI THAILAM for bathing the affected children. Adults as well as children are given the same oil to bathe. After bathing you must apply the CHEST RUB on the ribs and chest. This external application oil is needed to keep the chest warm after taking bath. The above NEERKORVAI OIL or THAILAM is applied daily about 20 cents in size and thoroughly applied on the whole head .After 5 or 10 minutes the hair must be washed off by warm or cold water, without shampoo. This will help the person being cooled down. Once the body is heated up only water flows from the nose, sneezing starts and all the flu problems start. In order to be safe side we must bathe the children at least once a day from head to foot.

From the 5th day of birth onwards a child is ready for Indian traditional bath. But oil bath is recommended after the 15 th . The child after taking oil bath will be tired by the massaging and followed by aftermath rubbing the body by herbal powders to give a natural fragrance and natural glow. This powder is used to take off the oil from the body. After that to have a nice sleep and health we have to give a bit of KASTHURI MATHIRAI or BALA SANJEEVI MATHIRAI with the herbal juice of KARPURAVALLI. This is a special preparation for infants. This will prevent them from asthma when they grow.


For your family members it is a must for oil bath; which means in Malaysia we can always massage some NEERKORVAI OIL on the head and apply 2 to 4 drops of KAN KAATHU THAILAM in the eyes and ears. This will reduce our tension, calm our head and soothe our veins. You will have a good sleep after oil bath. Weekly once will do.

Father’s tension can be relieved after massaging the neck veins during their head oil massage.

Fun in oil bath is that people after seeing the Indian pictures, think that there must be somebody to rub their whole body with the oil. To be frank, in this modern era we do not have time and we are not prepared to spend time for it too ; But we can do the above treatment .Isn’t it?

Feeding is very important to children. They should not be given coco, chocolate drink; neither could they eat heat foods like injected and preserved chicken, nor could they be given durian or rambutan. As the children grow introduce to them as many grains as you can. A good serial mixture is recommended for those who are choosy in eating . NUITRYBOOST is a perfect food mixture to give asthmatic children.

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