15th JAN 09: TURMERICFresh Turmeric Root (Pachai Manjal) Remove the skin, pound and extract the juice. Consuming turmeric juice helps reduce body heat. Turmeric is best known as an antiseptic both internally and externally. If you are suffering from stomach ulcer, drink 2 tablespoon of fresh turmeric juice continuously for 4 days. Turmeric will help reduce or cure the ulcer. Dried Turmeric (Kari Manjal) Kari Manjal is used for cooking and can be used as a good remedy to cure Sinus Headaches. a) Pound Kari Manjal. Add water and bring the mixture to a boil and keep aside.b) Heat oil and apply it to the hair and leave it for a few minutes. c) Use the boiled turmeric water to wash your hair. By following this method, the excess water in the head will be rushed out through the nose. Kari Manjal is also used in preparing oil bath for children: a) Pound 1- 2 Kari Manjal (according to size of turmeric), 1 betel leave and 2 cloves of garlic. Mix the pounded mixture with oil. b) Heat the oil mixture and use it as an oil bath for small children. This oil is very effective when it is used on children with fever, cold or frightened to have a bath. You can also grind Kari Manjal and apply it as a scrub while bathing.It not only removes skin rashes but also brings glow to the skin. It is also very useful in removing eczema and scabies.
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