According to Hinduism, taking a human birth is a great privilege. This is because by taking the human body alone can one attain the goal of life. It is also stated in the scriptures that humans can live to more than 100 years. But how many of us are able to live up to this age without any sickness or diseases?
Today many of us are dying at a very young age. Many of us experience many types of sickness and diseases before or after 60 years of age. To maintain a healthy body system, we need to have a healthy liver. To maintain a healthy liver, we must
a) exercise regularly andb) eat proper food to provide nutrition to the liver to function effectively.
Turmeric is one type of food that can help to maintain a healthy liver. Raw turmeric ( ibu kunyit in BM) helps increase blood flow, avoids blood thickening and acts as an antibiotic. Try to use 2 inch of raw turmeric in your cooking everyday. Grind the raw turmeric and treat it as a ” masala” paste.
If you are suffering from a disease or sickness, pound raw turmeric and extract the juice. Treat this juice as a medicine and consume once a week.

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