types of rice அரிசி பல விதம்

8th JAN 09: TYPES OF RICEPar boiled rice is very healthy and should be used as a substitute to white rice. This is because to produce white rice, it has to go through many processing stage. When boiling par boiled rice, excessive water should be thrown away and should not be cooked until the water is completely absorbed into the cooked rice. By removing the excess water, it will lessen the quantity of carbohydrate in the rice. HEALTHY PRACTICE:Soak cooked rice in water and leave it overnight. Adults and children can drink the soaked rice water every morning as it helps cool the body by decreasing body and bone heat. PUFFED RICE (Pori), POHA (Aval) and SPLIT PEAS DHAL (Pottu Kadalai)Combine all the three items with brown sugar syrup into a thick and sticky consistency. Shape the mixture into small round balls and glaze the balls with a little oil. This is a healthy food and can be used as a substitute to chips or other junk food available in the market. Avoid eating chips and other junk food available in the market as it contains lots of chemicals.

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