Ubi kayu tapioca

9th JUNE 09:TAPIOCA (Ubi Kayu)
Tapioca is rich in carbohydrate. During the Japanese occupation in our country, tapioca became the staple food. This was because rice was very expensive during the time. Tapioca was suitable as it was a cheap alternative and grown very easily in gardens.

Do not boil tapioca with its skin intact as boiling with its skin will cause the flesh to taste bitter. To consume tapioca the healthy way, you can either

a) boil the root and eat it with sugar and grated coconut OR
b) boil the tapioca and mix with chilli paste.
To prepare the chilli paste or “sambal”, pound together 1 onion, 1 garlic clove, 2
dried chillies, and a small piece of ginger. Add salt and tamarind juice and mix well
with the boiled tapioca.

Do not fry the tapioca as it is oily and has no nutritional value. Try to add tapioca in your daily diet once a week as it helps provide energy.

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