vallarai வல்லாரை

17th FEB 09: ASIATIC PENNYWORT (Valarai)Pennywort leaves has the tendency to improve memory power. Since the leave resembles the right and left hemisphere of the brains, it is regarded as god creation and gift to human kind to improve the functionality of their brains. HOW TO EAT PENNYWORT LEAVES? a) Blend the leaves and drink the juice. This is a very healthy way and the best method to consume as it is prepared raw. b) You can also boil the leaves and serve it as a soup. This way of cooking may cause nutrition loss. Pennywort is rich in Vitamin C and the leaves are bitter in taste and very suitable to be made Chutney or

¼ thumb size ginger (Make sure the quantity of ginger used is very little as it can change the taste of the dish) * Handful of pennywort leaves * 1 clove of garlic * 2 small onions * 2 dried chilies * dry fried grated coconut Make sure you dry fry the grated coconut and then grind all the ingredients together to avoid loss of any nutritional value from the pennywort leaves. It is best to serve pennywort ��thuvaiyal�� or chutney once a week to your children as the leaves is effective in treating blood disorders. You can also take 1 cup of pennywort soup once a week. You can easily obtain pennywort leaves in the wet market or night market. Therefore utilize this vegetable as it has numerous health improving components.

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