white lotus

Lotus plant grows in water and produces flowers of 4 different colours, i.e. red, yellow, blue and white.
If you intend to grow lotus in your home, all you need to do is make a shallow pond and place a plant in the water. Soon you will notice new growth will begin to sprout out. The flowers, roots, seeds, young flower stalk and young leaves are all edible. Compared to all parts of the lotus, the seeds has the most nutritional and medicinal value (see artcile 12th March 09: Lotus Flower for more details)
a) Break the flower petals and boil them in water. Consume the boiled water. b) Dry the petals and grind into powder form. Add one tablespoon of the lotus powder when consuming any type of beverage.
By consuming the petals either in dried or liquid form will help improve and increase brain functionality. According to Indian Medicine, white lotus flowers are effective in improving brain functionality while red lotus flower are effective in healing heart related problems.

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