Women who are 40 years and above are very common to have womb related diseases. This is due to improper care after child birth, miscarriage or abortion which cause the womb to become weak.

Women of yester years had more than 10 children and they were able to live a healthy and long life. They took good care of themselves by removing excess dirt from their womb, produced new blood and prescribed the right medicine required to be consumed during confinement period.

Today, women do not take proper care of themselves after delivery, miscarriage or abortion. Women who are in confinement period should not bath in cold water. They should only bathe in hot water as bathing in cold water will cause the veins to shrink, causing varicose veins and severe body pain.

To prevent from internal damage, siddha of yester years have prescribed various herbs to be boiled for external and internal use. If you have a weak womb and have developed lots of phlegm, you must remove the phlegm by inhaling the steam of boiled herbs and roots. By removing the excess phlegm, you will have good blood circulation. Excessive phlegm can also cause blockage around your collar bones and neck area. When this happens, you will experience nerve pain around your neck area and develop hypertension.

Therefore it is extremely important for you to remove the excessive phlegm and blocks by consulting a physician or siddha practitioner to check your health and remove unwanted phlegm and toxins to prevent from any major sickness or diseases

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