women and menstrul cycle,


Every teenage girls and woman should have their menstrual cycle once in every 28 to 30 days. If you do not get your period on time, the lower layer of your throat will swell up. The swelling of the throat indicates that there is a problem in your womb and the relevant hormone, estrogen is not in balance. This problem should be fixed by taking the right medicines or remedy.

You can either eat boiled Horse gram (Kollu) or boiled sesame seeds (Ella). If the problem still persists, it is best to consult a physician or a siddha practitioner to get the right and proper prescription. If ignored, it can lead to major health problems.

By having your menstrual on time, internal dirt will be removed which causes the body will to be healthy and fertile. Failure to get your period can cause growth of tissues in the womb and pelvic area. If the growth is not removed, the dirt will turn toxic and will spread through the body. Once it starts to spread, it will damage other internal organs. At the same time the blood will become dirty and you will have boils on your skin. There are many medicines to clean the blood. Also try to take bedhi (purging medicine) to clean your stomach. Eat sufficient fruits to gain the necessary nutritional value. Make sure you find out why your period is delayed. The cause of delay could be due to:

a) Excess air/gas in the body ( vata)

b) Excess pitta

c) Or lack of blood

If you are anaemic, you need to consume proper medicines to increase blood production.

The beauty of women lies on the size of their waist and flatness of stomach. If you have growth or boils in your stomach, your stomach will bloat up. Therefore exercising alone is not enough. You need to consume proper herbs and medicines to avoid menstrual problems

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