Banan வாழைப்பழம்

2nd FEB 09: BANANABanana root, its core trunk, flower and fruit can be treated as medicine.Bananas have loads of nutritional value and it is rich in potassium, vitamin A and D. Banana also helps to restore normal bowel actions and cures constipation. You can feed bananas to toddlers who are 8 months and above.Cut the bananas into small size pieces, boil the bananas with water and serve. Bananas have to be boiled before giving to toddlers as it can cause side effects if bananas are given as it is. Another healthy way of serving bananas to your children is by cutting “rastali” bananas into small round pieces and place it in a wide bottle. Pour castor oil until it covers the bananas, add palm sugar and mix the banana with the oil and palm sugar. Soak it for at least 2 days and serve your child 1 piece of cut banana and 1 teaspoon of castor oil. Children will be able to eat this as it is sweet and very effective method of curing constipation. Banana can also be used as a garnish while preparing sweet rice (Ponggal). TIP: Do not overeat. All types of food have to be eaten moderately. Instead of living to eat, we should eat to live and stay healthy. Therefore practice eating healthy food in moderation.

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