2nd JAN 09: BENEFITS OF BLACK URAD DHAL(Ulunthu)How to prepare a healthy food using Black Urad Dhal? * Handful of Black Urad Dhal (Do not remove the skin) * Brown sugar or palm sugar according to taste * Handful of fresh grated coconut Add enough water to cover a handful of black dhal. Add salt and boil until the urad dhal is cooked. Combine the cooked grain, palm sugar or brown sugar and fresh grated coconut into a grinder and grind into a thick paste. Role them into round balls and serve. Urad dhal can also be used to make ��Kali��. To prepare ��Kali��, urad dhal flour should be used. Add the flour, fresh grated coconut, hot milk, sugar and salt. Mix until a thick paste is formed. ��Ulunthu Kali�� is healthy food and it has been a tradition among Tamils from yester years to give Ulunthu Kali to young girls when they reach puberty. It is believed that Ulunthu Kali strengthens the stomach muscles and prepares the young female for her adulthood. Benefits of Urad Dhal: a) Develops density of the bones b) helps cure nerve problems around the neck area.

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