tension,டென்ஷன்,மன கலக்கம்

High blood pressure is normally experienced by people who work long hours and undergo lots of tension and stress causing lack of sleep and improper food intake. To avoid high blood pressure, you need to solve and avoid situations which can cause tension and stress.

To avoid tension, you need to make a schedule or time table and follow accordingly. Make sure you eat, sleep and wake up at the right time and stop worrying unnecessarily.

Also make sure your head is not too heaty. This is because when your head becomes too heaty, excessive pitta will start to rise to the head causing one
a) to have various kinds of negative thoughts leading to no peace of mind,
b) problem in sleeping, disturbing dreams and hallucinations
c) headaches and neck pain
d) bad and short temper and
e) fast heart beat

All these conditions are symptoms of high blood pressure. Low blood pressure patients will also experience short and bad temper, tension, body and neck pain.

If you are suffering from tension problems, the best home remedy is to relax and sleep as much as possible. You should and must apply oil on your head and body. Make sure the oil is soaked into your scalp and your body is massaged properly with oil. Soaking and massaging oil on your head and body will help reduce and remove the excessive heat.

Besides applying oil, you should also eat various kinds of vegetables and fruits. Lime juice is very good in reducing high blood pressure and pitta. Besides lime, there are many kinds of herbs and vegetables that can reduce excess heat from the body. Make sure you find out and consume more of the types of food which can reduce heatiness and avoid food which creates pitta.

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