Galanga சிற்றரத்தை

12th FEB 09: GALANGAL (Chitharathai)Galangal can be obtained in raw or dried form. Raw galangal is used when preparing meat dishes. The use of galangal will help burn fat and increase digestion. Dried galangal is very effective in removing phlegm. Take ¼ tablespoon of powdered dried galangal, add honey and consume. This remedy helps push the phlegm trapped in the throat and chest area down and be removed through bowel motion. Take 2-3 dried galangals, soak it overnight and drink the water. This drink is suitable to be given to children in the morning as it helps cool the body. Dried galangal also helps stabilizes tridosha (vata, pita, kapa) and it is used in preparing Siddha medicines. Since dried galangal has strong fragrance, it can also be used in aromatherapy. Pound and boil the dried galangal. Use the boiled water for bathing. Cut fresh galangal into small pieces and grind it. Add yogurt and apply to your body before bathing. This will remove white spots and skin rashes. Galangal gives energy and helps to perk you up. Therefore include galangal in your daily cooking everyday.

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